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Social Media

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Social Media and Campaigns allow markets to communicate faster, more frequently and allow for greater connections with their audiences through insights, interactions and recognition. 

A content campaign directed and promoting the health benefits of the Latin American Food "Arepas". The add was targeting parents who wanted to bring a tasty snack into their children's lunchtime menus.  Published weekly on Facebook and Instagram including daily stories and a Highlighted Story REEL - The campaign increased the companies engagement by 220% and followers by 145%. 

All content and posts at La Chiva have been created by me. 

You can take a look at their instagram here

Videography/ Photography

Video content was the primary form of media used within marketing strategies in 2021... Visual content has to be both engaging and informative, whether it is in the form of a photo or video a story needs to be told


This video completed for the Riding For the Disabled North Canterbury Assosciation was to make the surrounding community aware of what their donations have given to the community and to also invite new members and donators to take part. It was a pleasure to work with all involved in the charity.


The video was posted independently to their Social Media Pages and website. 

Graphic Design

Design skills can be applied to many forms of media outputs. Print, posters, adverts etc. 

Adapting skills to meet each clients different style and intended message is imperative to creating a connection with customers

This poster designs was created for a part Ice-cream part gaming company based in Medellin, Colombia. They wanted to establish the two-faces of their business to reach both a younger audience and a teen base. The poster designs were also created into a social media post. 


User interface and user design builds trust for users when the platforms are easy to navigate and demonstrate engaging content. Also, improved retention and interactions benefit SEO and conversions.

At arepas.co.nz, we started with an old style Shopify website that had little to no design, no engaging content and the website was clunky and slow. After I adapted the website to a more modern style and added in a recipes section we reached out to customers to ask their feedback and ease-of-use. Customers overall satisfaction of the online store was 92% with one customer even commenting "The whole feel of Arepas has changed, it's no longer dodgy.... I can actually tell my friends about arepas now."

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Additional Examples

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